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new members read this first

Post by shawn mciver on Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:36 pm

these are the rules of our clan,,,,

in chat rules

1)no swearing
2)no asking about sex of any other member  
3)no chat bombing (chat that just makes the every one else chat disappear from the chat box
4)respect every one
5)do not complain about what you received as a donation  
6)do not ask for co or elder
7) do not ask the ages of any member ( we have players from 10 to over 50 in the clan)

non war time raiding
1) accept all donations with respect
2) request troops often  

war time  

1) if you are in a war you must use both attacks  
2) we use the drop down 5 rule for war attacks ( see below for explanation)
3) try t wait at least 1 hour between your first attack and a second  there will be exceptions to this rule  
4)failure to follow the complete drop  down 5 rule will result in a immediate removal from the clan

complete description of the drop down 5 rule

on the war map you have been assigned a number  what ever number you are listed as you add 5 to it and that is the base you first attack  
EXAMPLE--  you are listed as number 15,,, add 5 to it and you get 20,, 20 is the base you attack on your first attack

depending on how you do  will deicide on what you do next..

if you 3 star the base on your first attack,,, then you can attack any base on the map,,, however it would be to your best interest to wait on your second attack because  if it decided that we are going to win then you could go for loot,,,

if you don't get 3 stars,,, then  you should do clean up ( pick up stars from bases that was below the base you first attacked,,, meaning if you attacked 20,,, and did not get 3 stars,,, and some one missed a stars on 22,,, then you should use your second attack picking up the star on 22)


if you do not drop down 5 and just attack any base you will be immediately kicked out of the clan, this is a team effort and no one will be allowed to deviate from the war plan
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